Test 1

Finally, I want to mention my main skills. In the programming field, I have excellent skills in microcontrollers and embedded systems programming, specifically, in ASM, C, C ++ and Python languages. I also have experience in the design and implementation of graphical interfaces (C ++) in Windows environments, which also interact with real systems connected through serial protocols (RS-232). Excellent skills in Matlab and Simulink.

In the technical area of electronic circuits, I have excellent skills in the design of circuits (analog and digital), design and implementation of PCBs, welding (through-hole, SMD), handling of mechanical tools. I have additional skills in using 3D modeling tools (SolidWorks), 3D printers and handling the Microsoft Office package. Personally, I consider that in addition to all technical skills, the personal skills are very important, such as team-working skills, being able to communicate ideas clearly, and being receptive to listen and discuss ideas with the team-members in a project. I have improved these personal skills with the projects carried out, with the work as graduate TA, research assistant, experience as professor of microcontroller course (two semesters and one summer), and currently as coordinator of the electronics and DSP laboratories at UPRM with 15 graduate instructors under my supervision.

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